Wednesday, September 18, 2013



We had a lovely few days in Amsterdam! I was a little sad to leave, which I didn't anticipate. The hosts we stayed with were great. It's a beautiful city filled with canals.I also kept commenting to Andrew about how beautiful the people were there. It felt like I was walking around on a movie set all of the time. 

Here are some highlights:  

Vangoug museum: 

Life size Noah's Ark replica! 

They had some real animals, some fake. 

Walking around Amsterdam: 

Our first night out! 


We also went to the Anne Frank House. They didn't allow pictures there though. It was humbling experience. 

We arrived in Paris yesterday. It was a rough start finding our accommodations and figuring this city out. But it was all redeemed when we found the Eiffel Tower this afternoon. It was pretty amazing :) 

More on France to come!